Even BATMAN would get nowhere without his Butler!

What we do

We are consulting company with passion for technology. 

We like to serve and as trusted advisors we help our clients realize their visions and make better decisions. Our company analyze, create, implements and delivers solutions.


Chatbot Design

We analyze your business processes and recommend and execute of chatbot assistant which will optimize you customer acquisition and support


We have detail knowledge and direct experience of ASEAN FinTech market. Can help if you are looking for business partner, VC  or hire professional to your team.

Vietnam Start-Up

Lets analyse your market potential first, prepare strategy or find right partners. All that before you make any mistakes. After that, we will help you to start your local operation.

Import - Export

We help to bring favourite products  to the new markets  and open them the easy path to new customers overseas via new sales channels

Corporate Events

Amongst our favourite event is an team building  sailing  trip in Croatia. Be the right captain to your crew and make sure your team is on board with the  strategy.

Private Jet Charter

We make private JET flying accessible  to all new business leaders. You can save a  lot of time and enjoy your privacy


Satisfaction Served

We believe in automatisation, but even more we believe in individual approach and professionalism. 

To deliver the best results, we always work with local professionals who knows their environment the best but on top of that we provide European level of supervision and compliance.

We connect the best of traditional with innovations.